Combat Devices

Thermal Imaging Sight
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With advanced thermal night vision technology, multiple lenses, lightweight, rugged & ergonomic design, they can meet various demands of thermal night vision system. DTC63/DTC66 has rich features and high performance to provide amazing image quality through total darkness, fog or smoke. They can be used as handheld monocular or thermal imaging sight for night time hunting,force protection, border patrol, police SWAT and special protection.Digital tactical menu with quick view icons, Two battery cartridges for long time operation, Rugged and sealed design Built-in 4G SD card for image & video recording, Auto adjustable reticle, Multiple lenses are available Technical Specifications, Detector.

Red Dot Sight with built-in Visible & Invisible Laser
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Red Dot Sight for 12.7 mm Caliber Heavy Machine Guns
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